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  • OCTOBER 2017

    22th: “Shake” at Neel Resling Halpern 20th Anniversary Gala at Bellevue Theater (Denmark)

    14th – 28th: (B)Romance musical at Det Ny Teater (Denmark)

     4th: Ritmout at Danish Travel Awards at Cirkusbygningen (Denmark)


    SEPTEMBER 2017

    16th: Selene Muñoz at Copenhagen Dance Event at Store Vega (Copenhagen)

    15th: Selene Muñoz at “Stop Violence against Women” at Restaurant Geranium (Copenhagen) 

    7th: Ritmout at Gefion Insurance event (Copenhagen)

    6th: Selene Muñoz and Piazzolla Orchestra at Helsingør Kulturhus (Denmark)


    JUNE 2017

    16th: “Ritmout” at Folkemødet, Bornholm (Denmark) 

    23rd: Flamenco/Jazz Trio Concert at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark)


    MAY 2017

    19th: Flamenco Concert at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark)


    APRIL 2017

    26th: “Ritmout” at Mødemekka (Denmark)

    22nd-23rd: Workshop at CPH Flamenco Academy (Denmark)

    5th: “Ritmout” at International meeting EURO FIA (Denmark)

    2nd: “Ritmout” at Gothia Towers (Gothenburg)

    1rst: “Ritmout” at Karla Charity show – To help animals (Denmark)


    FEBRUARY 2017

    24th-26th: Workshop in Switzerland (Zürich)

    JANUARY 2017

    9th-18th: Workshop at CPH Flamenco Academy (Denmark)

    15th: Openening Ceremony at Vendsyssel Theater (Denmark)