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  • NOVEMBER 2018
    15th & 16th: Selene Muñoz & Spanish ensemble at The Concert Hall of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark)

    OCTOBER 2018
    30rst: “Stories” at Helios Theater in Faaborg (Denmark)

    SEPTEMBER 2018
    1rst & 2nd: Workshop in Copenhagen (Denmark)

    13th: “Shake” at Sundhedsfaglig Festival (Denmark)

    JULY 2018
    6th: “Flamenco/Piazzolla” at Frederiksværk Music Festival (Denmark)

    JUNE 2018
    2nd: “Jazz´n Rhythm” at FIB Bergen International Festival (Bergen-Norway)

    MAY 2018
    27th: “Shake” at DGI Byen (Denmark)

    25th: Concert at Louisiana Museum of Contemporary Art (Denmark)

    APRIL 2018
    8th: Classical children´s Concert at Hellerup Kammermusikforening (Denmark)

    12th & 14th: Contemporary/Modern Drop in classes at Fredie Pedersen Dance School (Copenhagen)

    21rst: “Shake” at Late Night at Nørrebro Teater (Denmark)

    26th: Performance at The Grand Svetlanovsiy Hall of the Moscow International Performing Arts Centre (Moscow)

    27th-29th: Giving Workshops and participating as a judge in the 4th festival “Alternativo” (Moscow)

    MARCH 2018
    22nd: “Shake” at Press Event for Danish brand “Warm Nordic” (Denmark)
    28th: Performance at Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall (Istanbul-Turkey)
    29th & 30th: Workshop (Istanbul-Turkey)

    JANUARY 2018
    13th and 14th: Showcase at APAP at Salvatore Capezio Theater (New York City)

    29th: “Shake” at Nykredit Bank Gala at Det Ny Teater (Denmark)